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Grease Duct and Canopy Cleaning Services

Waring Facilities Management also offers a specialised grease duct and canopy cleaning service to industrial and commercial properties in Clitheroe and throughout Lancashire. Our services are specifically designed to help you ensure the proper ventilation of your property, as well as your compliance with various legal guidelines, including TR19 and Health and Safety regulations. We use the latest equipment and cleaning products in all our duct cleaning services, guaranteeing a high standard of service sure to help you minimise the risks associated with poorly maintained ducts and canopies.

At Waring Facilities Management, we know that the air we breathe directly affects our health. In various settings, including places of work, we may be affected by a variety of air pollutants that can often be a great cause for concern, for employees as well as clients, products, processes, and more. In commercial premises, air quality can also be affected by poorly maintained ventilation, resulting in sick building syndrome, and can affect the manufacturing and storage process.

To help you maintain the proper ventilation of your property and ensure healthy air quality, we offer a wide range of specialised cleaning services carried out according to the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. Our team has undergone all the necessary training to guarantee a quality result, with our IPAF training allowing us to carry out any high-level cleaning.

We will work closely with you to create a bespoke cleaning plan that suits your unique needs and budget and will carry out this plan at a time and frequency that suits your schedule. Our team will also provide you with certification and photo evidence for your peace of mind.

No matter the scale of your duct and canopy cleaning needs, Waring Facilities Management has the ideal solution for you. Contact us today on 01200 428511 or 07973 664070, or at to receive your free, no-obligation quote.

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Why Are Clean Ducts Important?

Keeping your grease ducts and canopies clean is an essential part of maintaining the overall hygiene of your property. Large amounts of dust naturally accumulate over time, which can result in the development of a wide range of bacteria and prevent proper ventilation in your kitchen and throughout your property. Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance can have a variety of other negative impacts on your business, including:

  • Fire Risks and Hazards
  • Reduced Performance
  • Increased Running Costs
  • Hygiene Issues Due to Grease and Dirt Build-Up
  • Vermin Problems
  • Property Damage Requiring Costly Repairs
  • Noncompliance with Legal Requirements Resulting in Fines and Penalties.

To prevent the above from happening and to help you provide a better environment for your staff, clients, and visitors, our trained team can carry out a wide range of specialised cleaning services to help you meet all the relevant Health and Safety requirements. This includes the guidelines set out by Section 7 of the TR19 legislation.

TR19 Compliance

All our canopy and duct cleaning services are carried out according to the requirements of TR19, the guidelines that govern the best practice in this area. In order to ensure your compliance with these regulations, all your duct and ventilation systems need to be cleaned regularly according to their classification as high use, moderate use, or low use systems.

Waring Facilities Management can help you classify the various systems of your property into their appropriate categories and provide you with an affordable, custom-tailored cleaning schedule that suits these classifications. We will then carry out a thorough cleaning service according to this schedule to help you achieve and maintain your compliance with TR19 regulations.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

According to the TR19 legislation advises that canopy and duct cleaning should be carried out at the following frequency:

  • Light Use (2 to 6 Hours Daily): Every 12 Months.
  • Moderate Use (6 to 12 Hours Daily): Every 6 Months.
  • Heavy Use (12 to 16 Hours Daily): Every 3 Months.

This ensures your canopies, fans, filters, and ducting is kept in the best possible condition, preventing any harmful effects for your kitchen staff, as well as your clients.

Our Duct Cleaning Services

As part of our grease duct and canopy cleaning, we carry out a wide range of services to ensure your complete compliance with the guidelines specified in Section 7 of the TR19 legislation. These services include:

  • Thorough Site Surveys.
  • Filter Cleaning.
  • Duct Cleaning.
  • Scheduled Maintenance and Cleaning Plans.
  • Certification and Photo Evidence Upon Completion.

We use the latest technology and cleaning chemicals in our duct cleaning services, helping you maintain the high levels of hygiene and sanitation in your grease ducts and canopies.

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